Enhancing your Experience: Dive into the new features of Leave Dates 10.0

Leave management system upgrade

We are always delighted with the feedback from our customers about what they love from Leave Dates and which features they would like us to improve. We take this feedback seriously and use it to enhance the customer experience with each update.   

We recently released Leave Dates 10.0. Our team has worked tirelessly to implement new features, improve some existing ones, and make Leave Dates even faster, more intuitive, and easier to use than ever before.   

Here are the 10.0 highlights:   

  • Employees can submit and approve overtime requests for TOIL (Time off in Lieu)   
  • Enhanced leave request process and user interface 
  • Clearer multi-person requests 
  • Improved prompts and warnings when submitting and approving requests  

Overtime requests 

Salaried employees who work beyond contracted hours may be entitled to time off in lieu (TOIL) in your organisation. It is a fantastic way to reimburse hard-working team members who have gone the extra mile to perform business activities outside of work hours.   

The new 'Overtime' feature allows staff to submit and approve TOIL requests, documenting the overtime details and the hours earned. 

Overtime is an optional feature of Leave Dates. A company administrator can enable overtime in the Settings > Overtime page and choose whether to allow staff to submit their own requests. 

Employee TOIL requests
Using the overtime menu, you can now select the option allowing employees to request overtime.

Once activated, the request form will display two tabs, one to request regular leave and another to request overtime. You can request units of hours or days, specify dates, and add a description and attachments. 

Requesting Leave   

We've revamped the leave request and approval process to give you more information and convenience. 

Specify start/end time for 'other' amounts of leave 

Now, when requesting leave, you can specify the exact times, eliminating any guesswork. For instance, if you book leave between 8:30am and 2pm on a specific date, the app automatically calculates the duration, deducting 5.5 hours from your total allowance. 

Enhanced request summary 

After completing the request form, you will notice more detailed information to summarise the booking before you hit Send.   

  • The total deduction of the request, shown in days or hours. 
  • The allowance that is being deducted, such as annual leave or sick leave. 
  • A summary of the remaining allowance, showing the current and new balances. 

Quick approval information 

Under the Send Request button, you'll notice a small prompt letting you know which manager will receive the request for approval. Requests that are eligible for automatic approval will clearly state this. 

Multi-person request   

This update is for the busy admins and approvers who need to batch-task multiple staff time-off requests.  

Using the standard request form, you can select multiple staff members and schedule their time off in one hit - perfect for blocking out dates or company holidays. 

The requestor can check the impact on each employee's allowance in the Employee Allowances tab.  

New prompts and warnings for leave requests   

Sometimes the simplest changes are the best, so we added a few prompts and warnings to help you with your leave admin, especially for those managing multiple employees.

Here are a few prompts you will notice when requesting leave:    

  • If the dates requested are in the past, this will display as a warning underneath the dates field.   
  • When the request exceeds the limit of the number of people allowed on leave at once, we show a warning and also display the team members already approved. 
  • You will be notified within the request if your request overlaps with dates you have received approval for already.   
  • An information icon will appear if the type of leave does not deduct from an allowance (for example, Compassionate Leave) 

Mobile app 

You'll also find the same enhancements to the leave and overtime request process in the mobile app, making it super simple to request and approve leave on the go. If you haven't downloaded the app yet, get it on iOS and Android.


We want to thank our customers for giving us great feedback that helps our team create a roadmap for improvements like our latest upgrade. As always, we would love a review and aim for a five-star experience. If you feel that we still need to earn that, feel free to get in touch with us, and we will ensure that any issues are sorted.   

Need help getting started? Our self-serve knowledge base is a great place to start for detailed information to help you make the most of each new feature. If you need to speak to our team, contact us here.



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