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Leave Dates is an industry-leading leave management solution designed to streamline recruitment operations without breaking the bank.

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Is manual leave management creating chaos for your recruitment teams?

Recruitment agencies are talent hunters – it’s what they do best. They excel at finding the perfect fit, building lasting business relationships, and securing industry placements for their clients.

But, as your recruitment agency hits its stride, you may find your team spending more time on administrative tasks and less on locating top talent. Here’s the reality of those time-consuming admin tasks:

  • Missed Opportunities: Every minute spent on HR admin is a minute your recruiters could be building relationships and securing placements.

  • Frustration and Delays: Clashing holiday requests and managing diverse employee contracts can lead to confusion and delays in the recruitment process.

  • Lower Client Satisfaction: When your team is entangled in administrative burdens, it impacts the level of service you can offer clients.

Believe us when we say we’ve seen it all.

That’s why Leave Dates offers a comprehensive leave management system for recruitment agencies. With out-of-the-box functionality, we offer an easy-to-use leave management platform that’s packed to the brim with useful features.

Let’s show you why recruitment professionals love us.

Leave Management Made Easy

Leave Dates simplifies and automates all your leave management tasks. Whether you want to reduce your HR team's administrative workload or improve accuracy in tracking holidays, we have the solution for you. Step into a comprehensive digital leave management solution.

Boosted Productivity

With Leave Dates covering your leave planning and tracking, your recruitment team has more time to get on with the tasks that really matter. Give your teams the gift of time by reducing the administrative burden and freeing up their schedules for more important work.

Say goodbye to wasted hours.

Enhanced Team Visibility

Running a recruitment agency demands strong organizational skills. Aside from managing your internal team, you are also likely to have contracts with other companies that you are accountable for overseeing. As your business expands, Leave Dates provides you with the comprehensive oversight necessary to track, monitor, and handle leave management across all connected teams. 

Prepare for effortless leave management.

Here's what we bring to the table

We are proud to offer a world-class range of features on our platform. Whether you need help with routine holiday management or the most complex HR leave task, we have a solution for you. 

Let's get you up to speed on all of our favourite features that help you streamline leave management:

Track Overtime

Track overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL)

Record and reward over time with our automatic leave management system.

Learn more about TOIL.

Allowance tracking

Make sure your recruitment teams are up to speed with how much time they have off and how much they’ve taken.

Fully configurable

Whether you want custom holiday configurations or need to shift an employee’s allowance, you’re in control.

Bulk uploads of employees, leave and allowances

Rapidly move from legacy systems with bulk data transfer in a matter of moments.
Learn more about bulk data importing.

Get daily reports in Slack or integrate with other systems

Generate and distribute reports to any of our integration partners using our APIs or Zapier.

Sync with Google Calendar or Outlook

Get full visibility over your recruitment agency’s leave dates with calendar syncing.
Learn more about calendar syncing with Leave Dates.

Privacy options

Access advanced user permissions to control who can see what data and what you keep private.
Learn more about privacy with Leave Dates.

Reporting dashboards

Our reporting dashboards are intuitive, letting your agency hit the ground running.
Learn more about Leave and Absence reporting.

Secure data

We take data security seriously. Leave Dates holds all of your data in encrypted databases, defending against data corruption and loss.

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The All-In-One Leave Management System for Recruitment Professionals

Your agency’s recruitment professionals are fantastic problem solvers, possessing excellent people skills and strategic thinking. They excel at pinpointing company needs and matching them with job seekers in the market, creating perfect connections. 

Don’t let scheduling conflicts and forgotten holidays disrupt your recruitment efforts. Leave Dates is designed for recruitment professionals, and it simplifies handling new requests, managing leave, and providing visibility into planned holidays. 

By using Leave Dates to manage leave, your HR recruiters can focus on sourcing top talent, nurturing client relationships, and filling essential positions with ease.

Ready to see Leave Dates in action?

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The #1 LMS for Customer Experience

We’ve spent the last few years listening to our customers, collecting feedback, and implementing it to create the best system for recruitment agencies. We’re proud to see our work paying off, as we've won “Best Value” and “Best Ease of Use” multiple years in a row.

Leave Dates is more than just leave management – it’s an organisational system that streamlines employee management and makes things as easy as possible for your recruitment agency.


It has a brilliant display and a great calendar. Leave Dates does what it says and is easy to use!

Amy C. Recruitment Consultant

Amazing app!

It's really so easy to use this app and you can easily track your leave - Very user friendly.

Karl D. Recruitment Assistant

A fantastic piece of kit.

Leave Dates has revolutionised the way we that we do our HR. Before, everything was tracked with bits of paper and spreadsheets. It wasn't as transparent as I wanted for employees. Leave Dates has brought in transparency for me, department managers and members of staff, collating information into one clean place.

William G. HR Manager

Autonomy and control over one's annual leave.

Great benefits with allowing different team leaders to approve requests. The department feature is excellent and provides autonomy and control over one's annual leave.

Clover E. HR Operations Assistant
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Case Study: HRM Search Partners

As the largest independent search company in Ireland, HRM Search Partners routinely encountered issues with manual leave management. For years, they tracked leave requests in an Excel spreadsheet. Naturally, this manual system led to hundreds of back-and-forth emails, untracked leave, or requests not being seen until it was too late.

After reaching out to Leave Dates and going through some initial demos, the company decided to take the plunge and move to our streamlined system. 

Discussing how Leave Dates has helped since the shift, Shane Brosnan, Business Accountant at HRM, comments, “It’s been excellent. It has 100% solved the problems we were facing. The two main problems were that staff couldn’t see the leave they had remaining, and the time-consuming nature of the admin around that. I had a look, in terms of the emails I received in the year before putting Leave Dates in place, compared to the first year of use, and they decreased by 75%.”

HRM Search Partners found their perfect match in Leave Dates.


We know that recruitment agencies have more HR software than anyone cares to admit. To keep budgets down, Leave Dates offers highly competitive pricing, allowing your agency to access a world-class leave management tool without breaking the bank.

We keep prices low and efficacy high.

Save 25%

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Free Forever

When you sign up, you’ll be on our ‘Forever Free’ plan. This allows you to manage time off for up to five employees – the perfect way to test drive all our features.

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Paid Plan

Eager to share the joy of Leave Dates with your entire team? Our ‘Standard’ plan lets you do just that. All the same great features but aimed at teams with more than five employees.

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Enterprise Plan

Whoa, that’s one big team, and nothing Leave Dates can’t handle. But it may be worth speaking to our support team to discuss rates and any onboarding help you may need.

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Leave Dates allows recruitment agencies to gain full visibility into their leave management system. We provide the tools you need to keep your employees happy, monitor holiday dates, and support your recruitment professionals.

Whether you’re a small agency just getting started or an enterprise firm looking to simplify leave management, we’re the solution for you.

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