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Measure the impact of employee absence

The Bradford Factor is used by human resources to calculate a numerical score to measure the impact of employee absences. 

The underlying principle of The Bradford Factor is that frequent, short absences are more disruptive to work than fewer longer absences. As such, its purpose is to highlight patterns of absence that may give rise to productivity issues in an organisation.

The formula used to calculate a Bradford score is:

B = S² x D

B = Bradford Factor score
S = Total number of separate absence events within a specific period
D = Total number of absence days in the same period

Calculating the squared number of absence events and multiplying by the total days absent in the same period gives a higher score for short-term absence events than for long absence periods. 

The higher a team member's score, the more disruptive their absence patterns are.

Further reading

In this article, we discussed whether the Bradford Factor is a fair measure of productivity.

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