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Leave Dates offers an all-in-one leave management solution that’s high-impact and low-cost.

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Is manual leave management giving your creative teams a headache?

When scaling a creative agency, business owners are often overwhelmed with new HR responsibilities. As you add new employees, manual leave management becomes increasingly complicated:

  • Clashing holiday dates? 

  • Employee holiday getting lost in the paperwork?

  • Difficulties with allowance allocation and monitoring?

Trust us, we’ve seen it all.

But, if you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all, feature-rich, and easy-to-use leave management system that solves these problems and more, we’ve got you covered.

Rapid Onboarding

From our initial demo to a full operational system for your employees across the globe, we get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Our platform is intuitive to use for both employees and employers, making onboarding and hitting the ground running a total breeze.

Get started in just a few clicks.

Simple and Scalable

Whether you’re working with a dream team of 5 employees or have just hit your 500th new hire, our leave management system scales with your business. Across advanced user permissions, location-specific information, and personalised holiday allowances, you’ll have total control and full visibility.

Say goodbye to holiday clashes.

Customisable Leave Management

As you grow, we’ll support you through the whole process. If you need to offer holiday days in multiple territories or configure an employee’s allowances to sweeten the hiring deal, Leave Dates is for you. With direct API access and the ability to forge custom integration, Leave Dates is a plug-and-go system that’s adapted for your organisation.

Leave manual tracking in the past.

Superb Features and Functionality

Our comprehensive feature set includes cutting-edge leave management tools to make even the most complex employee situation as easy as can be. 

Here are a few of our favourite features that help you simplify leave management and optimise employee operations.

Track Overtime

Track overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL)

Record time off in lieu earned and taken. TOIL automatically adds to an employee’s leave allowance. Learn more about TOIL

Allowance tracking

Everyone can see how much leave they are entitled to and what they have booked or taken. Everyone must stay within their allowance.

Fully configurable

Create as many leave types and allowances as needed. Then, customise staff working schedules, and import public holidays. Leave Dates is a leave management system that is super configurable for even the most complex business needs.

Bulk uploads of employees, leave and allowances

Migrating from a spreadsheet or legacy system? No problem, we provide tools for easy bulk uploading of data. Learn more about our bulk data import tools.

Get daily reports in Slack or integrate with other systems

Use our Slack app to receive daily leave reports. Alternatively, build your own integrations using Zapier, or our APIs.

Sync with Google Calendar or Outlook

If you want to view your leave (or your team’s leave) in your usual calendar, then you can. Learn more about syncing calendars with Leave Dates.

Reporting dashboards

All of your data is available to you through our easy-to-use reporting solution. Learn more about Leave and Absence reporting.

Privacy options

The great benefit of Leave Dates is the visibility it gives you of leave and absence but we also respect the right to privacy. Check out how privacy works in Leave Dates.

Secure data

Your data is held securely in an encrypted database in the cloud. Say goodbye to corrupted spreadsheets and lost data.

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The All-In-One Leave Management System for the Creative Industry

We understand that creative agencies are full to the brim with brilliant minds. From your star writers to graphic design pros, you’ve made a name for yourself by bringing creativity to your clients.

To keep those creative juices flowing, we’ve made Leave Dates as intuitive as possible, making booking holidays, managing requests, and allocating leave a walk in the park. Give your employees the holiday days they deserve without friction, debating, or managerial problems.

With Leave Dates giving you a seamless system for leave management, your creative team can get back to what they do best: generating ideas, crafting campaigns, and delivering the work that makes your agency shine.

Ready to see Leave Dates in action?

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The #1 LMS for Customer Experience

Over the years, we’ve continuously honed our platform, making it the best possible leave management experience for creative agencies. Thankfully, our hard work has paid off, with Leave Dates picking up awards like ‘Best Ease of Use’ and ‘Best Value’ along the way.

With thousands of satisfied customers and employees all over the world booking holidays through our systems, we’re committed to giving you the best possible customer experience.

A great product, and can monitor different types of absence.

It is easy to add different types of absence and approvers/depts. Bank holidays are added as well as weekends and Leave Dates works out the holidays when they start part way though the year.

Deanna D. Office Manager

A very smooth experience.

Simple interface, easy to use and great way of managing leave across the team with visibility of the wider teams absence.

Lewis B. Head of Marketing

Leave Dates - Leaving you satisfied.

The simplistic user interface makes it very easy to view your annual leave allowance, how much you have taken and how much you have remaining, all at a glance. Being able to request leave time in just a few clicks is ideal.

Colby S. Social Media Executive

Helpful and affordable.

I've really enjoyed using Leave dates. It makes my own planning and company/team event planning easier. I like that we can view the different teams within the company, allowing for easier event booking and leave plans.

Hannah R. Marketing and Advertising

A good platform for managing leave.

As an employee using this to keep track of holidays/leave, it is very simple and straightforward to use.

Nathan M. Designer

Love Leave Dates!

It's simple and easy to use for all employees and provides an easy system to track and manage annual leave.

Hermione F. Advertising Project Manager

Case studies

Word monster award

Word Monster: Smooth Scaling

When scaling from a team of one into one of the best places to work in the UK, Word Monster found a manual leave management system too much hassle. From coordinating holiday clashes to forgetting to approve a request, they needed a fast solution to support their growth.

After our rapid onboarding, Leave Dates provided a simple, scalable, and cost-effective solution that mitigated manual tracking and streamlined leave management. Our customised holiday management suite even led this creative agency to develop new loyalty-based holiday benefits, with employees getting an extra day for each consecutive year in the company.

Armed with an easy-to-use leave management solution, Word Monster was ready to expand its workforce and bring on a new era of easy employee management.

Leave management system case study JDO leave dates

JDO Global: More Time for Creativity

When the team at JDO Global sought out a better way to manage their holiday dates, they expected months of gruelling onboarding, trial and error, and employee software training. After a rapid trial with Leave Dates, this couldn’t have been further from the truth.

JDO’s creative agency was able to switch from their previous system to Leave Dates, covering over 80 staff in territories across the globe. Long gone were the days of inaccurate reporting and multi-step holiday booking.

With an accessible leave management solution that employees could use from any device, JDO spent less time on holiday admin and more time on developing creative ideas.


We’ve always been a firm believer that the best companies deserve the best tools. That’s why Leave Dates offers highly competitive pricing, allowing absolutely any creative agency to get the leave management solution they need.

We’re low on costs and high on functionality.

Or, if you’re a smaller creative agency, get started with our free plan for your first five employees.

Leave Dates is the leading choice for creative agencies looking for leave management software. Whether you’re a small business that needs a little support or a global powerhouse that needs a tool with full-fledged scalability, we’ve got you covered.

Scale your business, support your employees, and build a healthier, happier workplace with Leave Dates.

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Whoa, that’s one big team, and nothing Leave Dates can’t handle. But it may be worth speaking to our support team to discuss rates and any onboarding help you may need.

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