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For business owners, managers, team leaders and employees, Leave Dates is the smartest time-off management software for everyone.

Business owners

Business Owners

Spinning plates - we know that feeling. That’s why Leave Dates gives you a single source of truth that auto calculates remaining holiday allowance. It also allows employee interaction, leaving you to get back to running your business.

Love Leave Dates!

It's simple and easy to use for all employees and provides an easy system to track and manage annual leave

Hermione F. Project Manager

Very simple to navigate and use.

The system as a whole is very simple to navigate and use. It doesn't try and do more than what it needs to do so there are no complex layers to try and find your way around. Everything is so streamlined that it makes it easy to learn and deploy.

Emmet H. Operations Manager


Instant access to the holiday booking system? Result. Not only does Leave Dates leave employees feeling empowered, they can request and book time off on any device, from anywhere.

Easy for staff.

The Leave Dates software has lifted the burden of manually tracking time off by staff. Staff can submit their requests for time off quickly. It was easy for staff to self-educate on how it works. Response from support staff has been excellent.

Cheryl M. Accounting Specialist

Brilliant – easy to set up, easy to use.

All our employees have said how good it is. Does everything we need it to!

Alicia Clare Office Manager
Hr managers

HR Manager/Operations Manager

Numerous employees, all with different holiday allowances, each requesting different days off. Leave Dates simplifies the whole process, reducing admin, and providing clarity at every stage of booking, saving you time and trouble.

Saves a lot of time and paperwork.

Very easy to use, easy to set up and easy for people to request their holidays. Simple for managers to use. Saves a lot of time and paperwork.

Steve R. Operations Director

Autonomy and control over one's annual leave.

Great benefits with allowing different team leaders to approve requests. The department feature is excellent and provides autonomy and control over one's annual leave.

Clover E. HR Operations Assistant
Team leaders

Team Leaders

Downtime is vital, but too many people taking the same day off can be chaotic. Leave Dates is designed to be intuitive to use, so everyone has full visibility of their fellow team members, ensuring no one is left holding the fort.

Simple to use.

Leave Dates has been easy to learn, simple to use, and offers all of the tools we were looking for. When a question has come up, customer service has been prompt and very helpful with their answers!

Nik Lance VP of Operations

Simple and clear UI.

Simple and clear UI, easy and intuitive to navigate and take necessary action like booking your own leave, approving your colleague's leave or checking the overview of the whole team and company.

Paulius P. SEO Team Lead

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