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We have made it easy for you to integrate Leave Dates with other software tools.

So whether you want to automatically import employees into Leave Dates, or update a payroll system with the latest absence information, you can!

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Integrate in just a few clicks

Zapier is a service which makes it easy to integrate systems in just a few clicks.

With Zapier you can now integrate Leave Dates with over 1500 other applications. Learn more

Build your own integration using our APIs

Leave Dates has been built with an API-First approach, meaning that everything which is performed on the website or mobile app, goes through the same set of APIs.

These same APIs are made available to you, to integrate your other applications with, whether that is a payroll system, an accounting platform or something else.

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Our principles

The Leave Dates REST API is designed:

  • To be easy to understand and use.
  • To be comprehensive. Every single activity that you can perform on the Leave Dates website or mobile app can be performed via the API.
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Or use our ready-to-use integrations

We integrated with Slack, Outlook, Google, and iCal to streamline team communication and scheduling.

Receive daily reports of who is on leave automatically every morning in Slack or by email

Sync annual leave into Google Calendar, Outlook 365, or almost any calendar. Learn more

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