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Launched in 2019, Leave Dates is a modern HR tool to help managers keep track of staff time off.

It was designed to help small and medium businesses overcome the challenges of staying organised, often with a busy or remote workforce.

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The landscape

  • There are 57.3 million freelancers in USA (Forbes).
  • Remote working has grown by 140% since 2005 (Remote Bliss).
  • The Happiness Index found that annual leave is essential for health, wellbeing and productivity.
  • Nearly half of all Americans don’t take their full leave allowance (Forbes).
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  • Free – Up to five users.
  • Monthly – For larger teams ($1/80p per user)
  • Annual – For larger teams ($9/£7.20 per user)

For pricing in other currencies, see our Pricing page.

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  • Managers have better oversight of their teams.
  • It’s simple to request time off.
  • Accessible calendar for employees to view.
  • Helps with planning team cover.
  • Removes administration associated with traditional record-keeping.

Key Features

Leave Dates is a user-friendly software that has many helpful features, some of these include:

Calendar visibility

Your team can see everything from leave schedules to public holidays in one place on your company's calendar.

Highly configurable

Create customised leave types and allowances, schedule staff, and import public holidays with Leave Dates' highly configurable settings.

Quick and easy approvals

Managers can see whole team's leave information in one place, making the approval process simple.

Migrate with ease

We offer tools to easily upload bulk data, even from spreadsheets or legacy systems. Learn more about our bulk data import tools.

Cloud-based records

Team members and managers can access leave records 24/7 on desktop and mobile.

Communication tools

Staff and managers can stay in constant contact about their leave.

Use on all devices

Available on mobile, laptop or tablet devices for iOS and Android.

Generate detailed reports

Managers of large or small businesses can access detailed reports by team or department.

Thousands of happy users

Leave Dates is intuitive, easy to use and dramatically reduces your workload. The five-star reviews keep rolling in.

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