Almost two-thirds of UK workers cannot take paid volunteer leave

Paid volunteer leave

People across the UK love supporting charities however they can, and there is no shortage of great causes to support. With the cost of living increasing rapidly, more people need help to get by, and charities are becoming ever more stretched for resources. Workers also need to ensure that their incomes are stable and secure, so taking unpaid time off to volunteer isn't as feasible as it once was. 💔

Almost two-thirds of UK workers cannot take paid volunteer leave with their current employer, and this presents a great opportunity for companies to create better corporate social responsibility initiatives in their organisations.

Here are a few ways businesses are incorporating volunteer leave:

Give a little, get a little

For every hour of volunteering that an employee dedicates to a charity or cause, your company could match it with an hour of annual leave.

Charity partnerships

Align your organisation with a charity or cause and incentivise volunteering for them throughout the year.

Paid volunteer leave

Give employees allotted paid leave to use for a personal cause.



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