Should You Care About Employee Happiness?

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This is a topic that commonly trends between HR, line managers and employees.

Does happiness really matter in the workplace?

Happiness has no bottom line, no direct benefit to an organisation's success, yet successful organisations strive to keep their employees happy.


There are so many reasons why the happiness of your employees is essential, here are a few:

Supercharge productivity

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Overworked, stressed employees are not happy. Neither are they productive.

A study by the University of Warwick found that happiness made people 12% more productive.  while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive.

Dr Proto, who led the research, said: “This research will provide some guidance for management in all kinds of organizations, they should strive to make their workplaces emotionally healthy for their workforce.”

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Attract and retain top talent

Who wants to walk into a workplace where you can only hear the sound of typing?

A company filled with vibrant, happy employees is contagious and makes you want to be a part of.

When candidates interview for positions in your company, do they come away feeling elated or miserable? An elated candidate is far more likely to accept your offer.

You will also retain your top talent as they enjoy coming to work each day.

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Build employer reputation

Your employees carry the company's brand and reputation with them wherever they go.

They spread the word about your business and culture, whether positive or negative.

Wouldn't you rather they spread good news?

A simple online search for "whats it like to work for..." and you'll find a plethora of reviews by former employees commenting on how it was for them. They have a voice and bad reviews will be seen by prospective employees and customers.

Next time you focus on making your customers happy - make sure you also provide happiness to your employees, after all - who is it that ultimately makes your customers happy?

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So what are you going to do to make your employees happier?

Think beyond soft furnishings, table tennis tables and parties, and consider what really drives your employees' happiness.

Are they able to make their own decisions, do they have a voice in your organisation and do they feel cared for?

Those are the types of questions you need to ask yourself.

TOP TIP - Simply saying thank you and appreciating the efforts your employees put in won’t cost you a penny. A little appreciation will go a long way... and why not — aren’t they the reason behind your business success?

Final thoughts

Employees are the lifeblood of your organisation.

Making their happiness a priority will help you attract and retain top talent, enhance productivity across the organisation and promote your brand.

It shouldn't be an initiative, or a series of events though, both of which will fizzle out over time. You must embed a desire for employee happiness in the core values of your company culture.

This doesn't happen quickly, or without significant effort, however, but over time you will notice that it becomes self-sustaining, as every action and decision is taken with the happiness of your employees at the heart.

You might even have a bit of fun in the process too!

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