Syncing your company calendar to non-primary calendars (Google and Outlook)

Leave dates calendar integration

Based on your requests, we've extended our company calendar functionality to allow you to sync leave to secondary calendars in Google Calendar and Outlook

Who is this feature for? 

This feature is for any company with a shared company calendar in Google or Outlook Calendar. 

In the past, we would sync leave to a shared calendar, but it had to be the primary calendar for your account (with email login). Now you can choose to sync to any calendar as long as you have 'write' permissions for it.

How does it work? 

To access this feature, admin users can log in to Leave Dates and go to:

Settings > Integrations > Company Calendars

Create a new calendar or edit an existing one, and select the calendar to sync to.

We will not clutter up your company calendar, just one event per day with a list of who is on leave. Open the calendar event to view the details of any leave.

Company calendar events in Outlook

Where can I get more information?

For more information on this new feature, read our Knowledge Base article here.

Niels Gouman


Niels is our Product Manager; he spends his days making the Leave Dates experience great for our customers now and for the future.