Google Sheet Staff Leave Tracker

How to update

If you are using our free Google Sheet for leave management, you may want to create a new copy for the coming year.

This is not strictly necessary, as the leave management sheet does allow you to report on multiple years at the same time, but your employees cannot have different allowances for different years. So if you need to keep track of a change in leave allowances, then the best way to do this is to make a new copy every year.

Steps to update for next year

  1. Save a new copy of the Google Sheet so you don’t overwrite your current version.
  2. In the new copy, update the month and year in the Calendar sheet
  1. Change the dates in the Employees sheet to reflect the new year
Google Sheet Update Step 2
  1. Clear the data in columns C to G in the Leave sheet, ensuring that you do not delete the column headings or the formulas in columns A or B.
Google Sheet Update Step 3
  1. That’s it, you have a new copy all ready for the new year.