The Leave Management System for Modern Teams

Leave Dates is an easy to use leave management system for organisations of any size.

Staff leave planner
View a summary of which employees are on leave this week

No spreadsheets, no paper.

When you request leave in Leave Dates, your manager is immediately notified by email.

They can then approve or decline with just one click.

It’s fast and convenient.

Leave is tracked and visible

As soon as annual leave is requested or approved, it is updated on the central wall chart for everyone to see.

If someone has already booked leave on a particular day, you will be informed when approving.

Staff leave will be shown in the virtual wall chart

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Personal employee leave calendar

Personal leave calendars

Your staff can have their own logins to check how much annual leave they have booked or taken through the year.

Staff can log in on the website or using our mobile apps on iOS or Android.

Track absence as well as annual leave

You can track as many different types of leave as you need. Distinguish the different types of leave using coloured bars on the wall chart. Leave which hasn’t yet been approved is striped, public holidays and non-working time are shaded out.

Leave Types are marked in different colours

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Jack is a manager. Managing annual leave for his team was a huge challenge until…

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9 reasons why you need a leave management system:

Track overtime and time off in lieu TOIL

Track overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL)

You can record any time off in lieu earned. This will then automatically add to the employee’s leave allowance. Learn more about how TOIL is managed.

Tracking leave entitlement and allowance

Allowance tracking

Everyone can see how much leave they are entitled to and what they have booked or taken. It isn’t possible to exceed your allowance.

Fully configurable leave types and allowances

Fully configurable

Add as many leave types and allowances as you need, customise staff working schedules, import public holidays. Leave Dates is very configurable to suit your needs.

Bulk upload employee, leave and allowance data

Bulk uploads of employees, leave and allowances

Migrating from a spreadsheet or legacy system? No problem, we provide tools for bulk uploading data. Learn more about our bulk data import tools.

Integrate with other systems with Zapier

Get daily reports in Slack or integrate with other systems

Use our Slack app to receive daily leave reports. Alternatively build your own integrations using Zapier, or our APIs.

Synchronize with Google calendar and Outlook

Sync with Google Calendar or Outlook

If you want to view your leave (or your team’s leave) in your usual calendar then you can. Learn more about syncing your calendar with Leave Dates.

Reporting on staff annual leave

Reporting dashboards

All of your data is available to you through our easy to use reporting solution. Learn more about Leave and Absence reporting.

Control the privacy of your data

Privacy options

The great benefit of Leave Dates is the visibility it gives you of leave and absence but we also respect the right to privacy. Check out how privacy works in Leave Dates.

Secure data in the cloud

Secure data

Your data is held securely in an encrypted database in the cloud. Say goodbye to corrupted spreadsheets and lost data.

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