6 Fun Outdoor Team-Building Activities To Reconnect Your Staff

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The great outdoors is the place to be during the Coronavirus pandemic. Transmission of the virus is far more likely when people are crowded together inside. So we’ve stopped meeting up indoors and are spending much more time by ourselves. We’ve had to adjust to these new conditions across the board - in our schools, workplaces, and social lives. But now we all need some fun outdoor team-building activities to help us reconnect with each other.

Sure, we all enjoy fresh air, but never has it been so vital to our health. 

Desk-bound jobs can be greatly improved by interspersing some outdoor-related activities into them.

Plus virtual meet-ups can’t match the kind of team-building that occurs when everyone is physically present. Having been working remotely for so long, your staff will really value the opportunity to meet together, especially if you've got new starters who have joined during the pandemic.

In this guide, we’ll list some accessible and fun outdoor team-building activities for your workplace or college. It’s important that we all stay physically and mentally healthy during this time, so get your boots on and get out there!

Outdoor Open Space

1. Building the best glider

While there are companies which offer rather elaborate glider or model aeroplane kits, the alternative is to have a go at creating the best paper airplane. Split your group up into teams and dish out the appropriate materials. Think paper, card, decorative materials, tape etc. Then let them get to work.

This task is accessible for those with mobility issues, as it can be completed while sitting down without great amounts of movement. The beauty of this activity is in it’s simplicity. Paper airplanes are familiar to everyone and evoke memories of childhood.

Now, with age and experience, you can bring that sense of fun to your team. It’s one of the easiest but entertaining outdoor team-building activities for adults. Who knows, maybe one of you will craft the greatest paper airplane known to man!

2. A treasure hunt

Hidden treasure is sure to set hearts racing, young and old. Especially when there's a race on to find it.

A treasure hunt is one of the most loved outdoor team-building activities and they're brilliant for getting people to work well together. Make it a timed event to add extra excitement and see how quickly the teams can come through.

When it comes to planning a treasure hunt, there are several components that need thinking about. First you need to figure out the items to hide and where to hide them. Then what clues to give to lead to the treasure, and whether to hand out maps to add an element of orienteering.

Staff with mobility issues may find it trickier than others to navigate this exercise. However, they can still be of great assistance in solving - or writing - the clues that will be used.

3. Outdoor yoga and meditation

The health benefits of yoga and meditation are well-known and well-regarded. Practising mindfulness can improve wellbeing and mental health. Getting everyone together to practice these skills in the great outdoors is a very enjoyable and positive experience.

To get going, simply find an appropriate tutor - don’t just go for a YouTube video - and set a date. This activity, along with all the others in this article, can form part of an itinerary for your team-building day.

Yoga on the Beach

4. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a fantastic way to build trust and faith within your team. Nothing is scarier than scaling the heights of a cliff with Tom from accounting holding your ropes! But if you can feel the trust building from 50 feet up, then you know your team will be successful on the ground.

Although it appears an extreme sport, many climbers enjoy and succeed in the activity even if they're disabled. If your team includes anyone with a disability, or total beginners who might be nervous, make sure you use a guide who is experienced and can help everyone take part safely.

Rock Climbing

5. A potluck picnic

Outdoor team building activities often seem to be sports-based, but with a picnic, eating is the aim of the game. Get out the blankets and gazebos, have everyone bring one dish, and let the conversation flow.

Maybe even crack a bottle of bubbly or two if the time is right. Bring along some fun outdoor games for large groups, like frisbee, quizzes, or a collection of board games for an extra bit of entertainment.

6. Pipeline

To play Pipeline, get your team to work together to transport a small ball from one location to another. Each team member has a small section of pipe, and as the ball leaves their section, they run around to the end where the ball is heading to become the next connection.

Spice this game up by making it a race, or getting some oddly shaped sections of pipe for the teams to work with.

Why outdoor team-building activities will help reconnect your staff

Hopefully, this article has set your mind buzzing with new and fun ideas for great outdoor team-building activities. The pandemic has been hard for us all, so it’s vital that we reconnect and rebuild some in-person team spirit whenever we can.

For teams who have been largely separated and working remotely for a long period of time, getting everyone having fun in the fresh air together will do wonders for their working relationships, productivity and motivation.

These ideas can also be tweaked or trialled with smaller groups to see how they pan out first, and many of them can take place in a large indoor space, such as a hall or a gym, should the weather turn bad. Above all, have fun together!