New Maternity Leave Policy is a Big Win for FIFA

FIFA maternity policy

Women's Football has had a massive win with FIFA announcing new maternity leave policies.  From 1st June 2024, players and coaches have access to at least 14 weeks of paid leave, providing better financial security for women.

Key changes to FIFA's maternity leave policy

  • They must receive at least two-thirds of their salary during the leave period.
  • Eight weeks must be taken after the birth of the child.
  • Nobody can be penalised or discriminated against for becoming pregnant or giving birth.
  • To avoid a competitive disadvantage, a new player can register with the team as a temporary replacement while a squad member is out on maternity leave.
  • If a player's contract is terminated due to pregnancy, the club could face penalties such as fines and a 12-month ban from the transfer market.
  • Through this policy, clubs are urged to provide facilities for medical and physical support for new mothers in their return-to-work transition.

Team members will also have the opportunity to request time off for issues with menstrual health, a huge step forward in supporting women through successful football careers.

Adoption and family leave are also in the spotlight.

Under the new policy, female players and coaches who adopt a child under two years old will receive at least eight weeks of paid annual leave. If the child is between two and four years old, this is reduced to four weeks, and if the child is over four, a minimum of two weeks of leave will be mandatory.

Players who are welcoming a child but are not the biological mother are now offered a minimum of eight weeks off to bond with their new child and support their family through the transition.

The changes reflect an appropriate balance between supporting women to succeed in the sport and acknowledging women's unique challenges in planning a family and daily life.



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