How to start a digital detox

Digital detox

This World Wellbeing Week, a Digital Detox Challenge is a great way to regain clarity and focus, ultimately improving your mental health.

If you feel bombarded and drained by notifications, emails, and the constant need to be connected - this is for you. But don’t go cold turkey; the best way to ease out of any habit is to change slowly and steadily. So take some time each day to switch off and notice the improvements to your mood and mindset.

What is the goal of a digital detox challenge?

Before you begin any challenge, you need to know why you are doing it. While this is very personal, many of us have things in common, such as feeling a lack of productivity, delays in meeting set goals, and even stress or anxiety. These can be dramatically improved with simple and easy adjustments to your daily routine.

Some goals could be:

  • Boosting energy, clarity and concentration
  • Improving personal and professional relationships
  • Increasing productivity at work or home
  • Minimising stress and anxiety in daily life
  • Hitting restart on creativity or problem-solving

Are you ready for a challenge? Here’s how you can get started:

Go silent at work

Give yourself 30 minutes of silent mode on all devices, especially your phone, each day this week. Focus on a task you really need to complete; you will be amazed at how quickly you power through it.

Don’t trust yourself to go completely silent? Invest in a device lockbox; it’s like a bit of jail time for your phone, guaranteeing a distraction-free future.

Take a fully-present (and fun) lunch break

Switching off to complete a work task is one thing, but giving yourself peace and quiet during a break is even better. If you were born before the mid-90s, you’re probably old enough to remember a time without a phone. Ahh, the good old days.

If you can think of an activity you loved doing as a child and fit it into your break time, that’s even better. Read a book, grab a sketch pad to create a masterpiece or skateboard and fang it down at the park for a little while - and remember your protective gear if you do that last one or anything like it.

Hard mode: Dedicate time to switch on

Try the inverse method to manage micro-disruptions that take you off-track. Dedicate short amounts of time during the day to ‘switch on’ to check messages, emails, and everything else that requires you to feel pulled in a few different directions. Anything outside of this time, you can be in ‘offline mode’.

For this World Wellbeing Week, focusing on improving and maintaining your mental health is vital. A digital detox is a fantastic way to get started, even if it’s a little bit at a time. Remember that a total disconnect is not the only solution, so before you toss your phone out the window, consider a manageable first step and focus on staying consistent. You will be amazed at the difference in your productivity and overall wellbeing.



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