How does a staff holiday booking system help you?

All of your time off will be recorded centrally in the staff holiday booking system. Everyone will be clear on who is available and when. You can plan better and avoid those unexpected surprises when critical people are off on the same day.

Staff holiday booking system wallchart showing employee leave
Receive notifications when staff book leave and absence

Saves you time

All of the request and approval workflows are automated so you only need to take action when you are notified of something in your queue. This saves you time and energy which can be used on more valuable tasks.

Share only what you want

Everyone has the right to some privacy, so when raising leave they can decide whether they prefer their leave to be kept private. Everyone will still see that they are off, but won’t know why.

Privacy settings to keep leave private
Detailed reporting on employee leave and absence

Reports keep you in the know

It’s your data, and we want you to feel like you have full control over it. Easily run reports in the website, or download to Excel for further analysis.

Sync with Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar or integrate with Zapier

Connect your regular calendar

Leave Dates has been built to play nicely with other systems. So whether you want to sync up your leave with Google Calendar or Outlook, use Zapier to quickly integrate with other systems, or build your own integration using our APIs, we’ve got you covered.

Customise to suit your needs

We give you complete flexibility to configure Leave Dates to suit your company leave policy. So whatever your allowances, leave types or working schedules, we can accommodate them.

The staff holiday booking system is flexible for your company leave policy, part time workers, flexible workers
Import public holidays and bank holidays

Import public holidays

It’s easy to import public holidays from over 100 countries around the world. Simply tell us the country and we will do the rest.

Time off in lieu

In addition to being able to configure multiple allowances, you can also choose to record time off in lieu for your team. Record the details of any TOIL earned, and the time will be added to the person’s overall allowance.

Record Time off in lieu or TOIL in the staff holiday booking system when your staff work overtime
Align Holiday Year Allowance to Employee Start Date

Flexible leave year start dates

Most companies choose to start their leave year on 1st January or align with the tax year. In addition to these, Leave Dates also allows you to align with individual employee start dates.

Manage multiple allowances

Track as many different allowances as you need and configure them to your needs. Your staff won’t be able to exceed any of their allowances.

Track multiple allowances such as holidays, unpaid leave, sick leave, purchased time off, flexi time

Get your staff leave booking system today

Leave Dates is very easy to use. Create your calendar below and in less than a minute you will see for yourself.

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